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It’s April 5th. The lakes and rivers are clear of ice. We just got several inches of snow, which means the rivers will be rising and currents will be swift. My kayaks are hanging in the garage and my rack is in the attic… I think it’s time to dust them off and put them to use.


I took my family on a little hike at Palisades State Park this weekend. We had a blast. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my kayak along because with the recent rain and heavy snowfall to the north of us, Split Rock Creek is running a little high. As a result, there is some fantastic water flowing through the Palisades right now. I’m trying to figure out when I’ll be able to get up there and run the rapids before the water levels subside. I also made the mistake of not bringing my camera, so I have no pictures to share.

If anyone has time to slip up to Garretson, for a rendezvous with the rapids, I highly recommend it!

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