After a summer of some great entry-level whitewater kayaking on Split Rock Creek, I’ve decided my next boat purchase will be a true whitewater craft. I realize this is a little silly, considering I live in the prairie and with the exception of SRC, there isn’t any whitewater around here, but it’s something I want to learn more about and am willing to travel to do so.  I figure I can turn any future whitewater trips into bigger getaway weekends with the family.  A win-win for everyone, right? 🙂

I think I’ve identified myself as a river running kayaker. I enjoy the thrill of rapids, but also enjoy traveling from point A to point B, stopping for the occasional play spot. With that in mind, it seems like I need a good all-around boat and all of my research keeps pointing back to one particular kayak: the Pyranha Ammo.

However, there are a million options out there. It’s almost overwhelming. If anyone has recommendations or ideas, I’d love to hear them! While I wish I could buy one tomorrow, I probably won’t be pulling the trigger until next year.